Personal information:

Kay Embretsen
Faluvägen 67
S-828 30 Edsbyn
Mobile Phone: +46 76 320 1230

I have been a full time knife maker since 1983.
I make folders, daggers, fighters and hunting knives. I make my own damascus steel.


I am married to Monica, and we have two children, Sandra and Per, and four grand children.
Monica is working as a personel manager, but have a great hobby in the Havanese dog, here is her web site about the dogs:


I attended my first show in the USA in 1988 and I attend several of the big shows
every year. When I´m in America, I usually visits the following shows:

I also attends the Italian Guild show in Milan and the Helsinki Knife Show in Finland.

My awards

During my years as a knifemaker I am grateful for having recieved some awards:


I have had several articles presenting my work, and I´ve listed some examples below:

My work has also been displayed in some magazines and some TV-programs
here in my home country Sweden. When it comes to my photos, I have had some
of them published in the annual knife book of knives by Ken Warner. I have also
had some of my work published in Jim Weyer's Point of Interest IV.


I take orders, and my delivery time varies between 6 -9 months, sometimes
up to a year. I can be reached by phone, or
e-mail if there is some interest
or if there are any questions. All the information which you need to order can be found
at the top of this page.

Kaj Embretsen