April 4, 2017

I had a very successful show at the ECCKS in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was nice to meet all customers and
friends again. The next shows that I plan to attend this year is the FICX show in Paris in September and the
Art Knife Invitational show in San Diego in October. Hope to see you there!

Here are some new and old pictures; also take a look at the "photos" page for earlier work..

Folder with bark mammoth ivory handle

Close up folded

Small damascus knives. Top: Ebony handle, Middle: Black Lip pearl scales, Bottom: Arizona Ironwood handle

Miniature knife with covering sheath

Folder made by me with scrim shaw made by Mirella Pachi, Italy. Photo: Francesco Pachi

Wine knife with a hand made cork screw. Engraving made by Stanley Stoltz.
Photo: Francesco Pachi

Folder engraved by Francesco Amatori

Close up on the engraving

Photo: Point Seven Studios

Photo: Point Seven Studios. Carving made by Isak Bergh

Photo: Point Seven Studios

Photo: Point Seven Studios

I recieved the first "chair" in the Swedish Knife Association's Hall Of Fame. Thank you!
Photo & copywrite: Kent Tunlind

This folder is made by me with the carving done by Isak Bergh.
Photo: PointSeven Studios.

Photos from my shop when I am forging the steel..